How cloud-based bookkeeping can benefit your business

It is undeniable that we live in an era of technology, which certainly won’t be changing anytime soon. How often have you thought to yourself that going paperless and online would be an easier option for your business bookkeeping, though haven’t taken the plunge for fear of the unknown? Fear not! There are many small business owners who used to be in a similar situation to yours, though haven’t so much as peeked back once they made the game-changing switch to cloud-based bookkeeping.

The Cloud

The Cloud is everywhere you go, taking with it your business’ information, documents and accounts, whenever you need it. Unlike the fluffy white clouds above, this particular cloud is able to store all of your important and information in one secure virtual place, rather than having out-dated books and systems cluttering your office, which can potentially lead to loss of critical information if not regularly updated and stored correctly. You’ve probably been using the Cloud for your on-line banking for years, so now’s the time to automate other functions.

Aside from your information and data being stored in one convenient location, using the Cloud for your bookkeeping also automates your records, meaning that you can track your current financial information and accounts in real time, from anywhere in the world, on any supported device such as your laptop or smartphone.

Being automated means that you can spend more time on other aspects of your business.  You’ll have more time for customers, growth and new ideas, rather than sitting down and doing the books. Feeding your bank transactions directly into your accounting software means you can see how much money you’re expecting to come in, know how much you owe in bills, and send sales invoices on the go. These are all things which cloud-based and automated bookkeeping can do, and you’ll know exactly where your business is sitting financially at all times.

How can real-time bookkeeping benefit your business?

Real-time bookkeeping can greatly benefit your business, should you choose to utilise it. This particular method of bookkeeping will not only automatically synchronise all of your accounts, but it will also become the backbone of your business. Companies such as Xero offer a complete automated and cloud-based bookkeeping system, which gives you more time for other important day-to-day tasks that your business may require.

As well as offering real time statistics of your business and its figures, automated and cloud-based bookkeeping companies also offer a plethora of other services that you may have found difficult to maintain when attempting to complete manually. Not only can you view your figures in real time, but you can also manage your important documents, from remote locations, giving you the freedom to work from anywhere you choose, at anytime.

How Effective Services can help your business

At Effective Services, we offer a variety of automated and cloud-based software training and consulting which includes Xero, MYOB AccountRight and Essentials, and QBO, to help successfully grow and benefit your business. Our team are fully qualified accountants who are thoroughly trained Xero, MYOB and QBO Certified Advisors and trainers.

To discuss how Effective Services can help your bookkeeping business to thrive by switching to professional and automated accounting platforms including Xero and MYOB, contact us today on 0411 218 570 or visit us online.