Institute of Certified Bookkeepers Annual Conference

Sue attended the above conference today. Its a very exciting time with all the major changes in technology being embraced by Australian businesses. Cloud accounting (having your accounting data on-line) is being taken up rapidly by both new and well established organisations. They are using a number of features in the software to improve their business processes and reallocate resources to other areas of the business. Two of the most popular features are:

  • Having your accounting data on-line – which allows multiple users (including your bookkeeper or accountant) to access your real-time data and make alterations and adjustments without a need to send them any reports or data files.  It means you can access the data from multiple devices including smart phones and tablets for some of the software.
  • Bank feeds (having transactions transferred directly from your bank to your accounting software) are reducing data entry time and improving accuracy.
  • Effective Services is well placed to assist to advise you about Cloud or any other accounting requirements. Call us on 0411 218 570 or email for a free consultation or more information.