Taking your accounting on-line

Most of us have spent many years happily using our ‘trusted and true’ desktop accounting systems.  Some businesses are already taking advantage of the benefits on-line accounting can produce. Other businesses are yet to start the journey.

For some, the thought of going on-line brings up all sorts of fears, security, loss of backups, access, internet reliability.  These are all valid issues and need to address on an individual basis.  One size does not fit all.

Once on-line the are just beginning.  Depending on the system you choose you may use all or some of these:

  • Bank feeds – less data entry
  • Single Ledger – you, your bookkeeper and accountant can all access the same data meaning the end of duplications and multiple file version
  • Access – the ability to work from anywhere
  • Integration with other systems (know as add-ons).  Data moves from one system to another without re-keying
  • Storage – less paper records to store for 7 years, easier to find documents
  • Reporting – real time data
  • Payroll – employees can access their own pay slips and prepare on-line leave requests
  • Backups – provided by the on-line vendor

Effective Services can help you to make the change to on-line accounting as easy as possible.  We can:

  • Analyse your business needs and review suitable systems
  • Determine the best implementation plan with you
  • and organise the conversion
  • Train you and your staff
  • Give support during the change over until you and your staff are comfortable and seeing the benefits.