Important Dates


Monthly BAS and IAS – 21st of following month. (Extension to 21st Feb under certain conditions)

Quarterly BAS 2  2018 (Oct-Dec 2017) paper lodgements 28 Feb 2018. Business Portal due 28th Feb 2018. Electronic lodgements –  (if lodging through Effective Services or your tax agent) 28 Feb 2018

Quarterly Super payments* –by 28th day following end of quarter – due 28th Jan 2018 (for Oct-Dec 2017).  **  

**Note: your required contributions must be received and banked by the funds by 28th day following the end of a quarter.  You may need to remit monthly if:

  • Your employees are making personal contributions
  • The employee’s Award requires it
  • It’s a requirement of the fund for insurance purposes

The ATO’s Small Business Superannuation Clearing House is changing in early 2018.  Please contact us to discuss the right alternative for your business.

NSW Payroll Tax   7th day of following month (or next working day).  Some States may offer extensions, check with your local OSR.