Important Dates


Monthly BAS and IAS – 21st of following month.

Quarterly BAS 1  2018 (Jul-Sep 2017) paper lodgements 28 Oct 2017. Business Portal due 11th Nov 2017. Electronic lodgements –  (if lodging through Effective Services or your tax agent) 25 Nov 2017

Quarterly Super payments* –by 28th day following end of quarter – due 28th Oct 2017 (for Jul-Sep 2017).  **  

We suggest using the free superannuation clearing house (if you have less than 20 employees) Small Business Superannuation Clearing House

**Note: your required contributions must be received and banked by the funds by 28th day following the end of a quarter.  You may need to remit monthly if:

  • Your employees are making personal contributions
  • The employee’s Award requires it
  • It’s a requirement of the fund for insurance purposes

NSW Payroll Tax   7th day of following month (or next working day)