Lodgement Due Dates

Monthly BAS and IAS – 21st of following month.

Quarterly BAS 4 2022 – (Apr-Jun 2022) 25th Aug 2022 (if lodging through your tax or BAS Agent)

Single Touch Payroll – You are required to report a pay event to the ATO on or before the pay day.

Single Touch Payroll Finalisations – 14th July 2022 (concessions for some employees)

Quarterly super guarantee payments – 28th day following end of quarter*

  • due 28th Jul 2022 for Apr-Jun 2022

Monthly Payroll Tax – 7th of following month

Taxable Payments Annual Report – 28th August 2022

*Note: your required super contributions must be received by the funds by 28th day following the end of a quarter.  Allow time for clearing houses to pass on payments.
You may need to remit super monthly if:
  • Your employees are making personal contributions
  • The employee’s Award requires it
  • It’s a requirement of the fund for insurance purposes

Federal Budget 2022

Two business  initiatives announced in the budget have yet to go through Parliament. These are the 120% tax deduction for eligible training and technology investment for small business.  Unfortunately, there are no details available at the time of writing this and the Federal election may change the outcome

MYOB AccountRight ready for transition to Single Touch Payroll Phase 2

This from MYOB:

Moving to STP Phase 2

You’ll be prompted in AccountRight to make the move to STP Phase 2. It’s a simple process and we’ll guide you every step of the way.

During the move, your payroll details will be checked to ensure they meet the new STP requirements, and you’ll be notified if anything needs fixing. This is very similar to what happened when you first set up STP.