Federal Government Stimlus payments – how and when they will be paid

For eligible employers, these are the details from the tax office:

“If you lodged your 2018–19 income tax return or an activity statement before12–March 2020, you do not need to apply for the cash flow boost. All you need to do is lodge your upcoming activity statements.

The cash flow boost will be automatically credited to your activity statement account.

You will not receive the cash flow boost before 28 April 2020, even if you lodge early.

If you have not lodged your 2018–19 income tax return or activity statements with us, you may still be eligible. We will publish further information on our website shortly if this applies to you.

If you have an activity statement lodgement deferral, you will still receive the cash flow boost – if you are eligible – at the time you lodge. This ensures that eligible entities that have received deferrals (e.g. due to recent natural disasters) still have the extended time to lodge and will not miss out on the cash flow boost.

For further information on the new measure, including timing and calculating the cash flow boost, visit Boosting cash flow for employers.”